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Edge is an intense, immersive, live experience designed specifically for mortgage loan originators who seek to have a substantial and sustained increase in their production and income and overall quality of life.

Edge is meant for mortgage sales men and women who recognize that THEY are the greatest asset in their businesses and committing themselves to evolving as a more effective leader and powerful human being is the single greatest action they can take to achieve more in their businesses and lives.


Edge is hosted by Third Layer, a leading training and development company created by partners Jason Knee, one of the world’s most prolific and successful mortgage originators, and Marc Manieri, one of the world’s most sought after leadership and performance coaches in the mortgage space and beyond.

What Edge is Not.

Edge is not a motivational seminar.  In fact, it is not a seminar.  It is not a “networking event”  (although you will meet and connect organically with some incredible people).  It is not a social gathering.  It is not some cookie-cutter, step-by-step workshop that offers a mechanical “process for success.” It is not what you have ever been to or experienced before.

What Edge is.

Edge is a rigorous experience that will teach you, experientially, how the most powerful salespeople in the world sell with complete authenticity and power that has the people they’re selling to respond.  It will also expose the part(s) of you that get in the way of you performing as your most powerful self, and teach you what to do about that.

You are brilliant.  You are also brilliantly unique.  It is the combination of your brilliance and uniqueness that creates an extraordinary opportunity to attract, create and maintain relationships that will generate all the business you could ever desire.


The Edge Experience teaches you how to access that brilliance and uniqueness, leverage it and put it to use in a way that has the people you seek to do business with actually consider and do just that.


By attending The Edge Experience and participating from a committed place, we declare that you will leave having realized these promises:


  • You will learn the distinction between your way of being versus what you do, and how your way of being is the most impactful element to your success (and why this eliminates ALL competition).
  • You will discover what it means to be a leader in all of your relationships and what the cost of not being a leader is for your business and beyond.
  • You will learn how the most powerful salespeople sell and what elements make them powerful such that they create results, fast.
  • You will discover the intersection of what you’re great at and what you love to do and create this as the foundation for building a thriving business that you’re thrilled about.
What Edge is.

The Edge Experience is for you if:

You recognize that you have not yet realized your full potential and are willing and interested to look for how you can upgrade yourself in a powerful way.


You are willing to give up already having all the answers and impressing other people, seeing yourself as someone who could really learn and grow.


You have a burning desire to grow your business and become a more effective leader, parent, spouse, friend and partner.


You believe that YOU are your most valuable asset to your business.

The Edge Experience is NOT for you if:

You see yourself as having reached the pinnacle of your career.


You already have all the answers.


You’re comfortable with the current state of your business, relationships and life.


You are looking for the “magic process” or business model that you haven’t yet discovered that will be the source of building a more substantial business.

What you need
to know.


The event tuition is $2,550 per participant and requires uninterrupted attendance and engagement throughout the full two-day experience.  Once you have committed to be present and have successfully registered, there will be no refunds.  If you have successfully registered and cannot attend the event, your tuition will be saved as a credit for up to one year for a future Edge Experience or another Third Layer offering.  We are committed to having ONLY committed people in the room.


Your tuition includes your lodging for two nights as well as breakfast, lunch and snacks/drinks on both days; dinner will also be provided on the Friday evening of the last day.  Edge will be held at The Logan Hotel, a five star, luxury hotel in the heart of Philadelphia.  Your hotel registration will be handled by Third Layer team members after you have successfully registered; there is nothing you need to do other than show up to the hotel and be on time for the start of the experience. (If you would like to extend your stay for the Friday night at the discounted group rate please email us after you register and we will get that handled for you).


The Edge Experience will begin at 8am EST sharp on Thursday, May 17th and will complete the evening of Friday, May 18th, after the dinner reception.  Please make your travel arrangements such that you arrive the hotel on Wednesday, May 16th, the day before the event, and plan on staying through 8pm Friday the 18th.  We have the intent of finishing each evening session by 6:00pm, but because of the rigorous nature of this experience and our commitment to you leaving the Experience having realized our promises above, you will want to leave your evenings open so you don’t have anything in the way of realizing these promises.

Learning Environment

Each course participant will receive via email pre-read assignments before the start date.  Upon registration, participants agree to fulfill on the reading assignments (plan for 3-5 hours of preparation at a minimum).


The learning environment will be intimate and we limit the number of people participating.  We are committed to those attending and anyone who will be present will be there with other incredible human beings who are also committed to being present.  There will be mortgage professionals with a wide range of experience and tenure in the industry.  You will be learning from yourself, the instructors and others in the room as we look at as-lived ways of performing by those in the room.  You will want to be present seeing everyone in the room as a potential contributor to your learning experience.


The environment will be instructive and, many times, interactive. With this said, you will not be asked to interact/participate in any way that doesn’t align for you or has you feel uncomfortable in an undesired way.


This learning environment will not be a lecture. You will be getting access to, and having an experience with, Third Layer’s performance model that has been proven to create powerful mortgage professionals.

What will occur in the Edge Experience, by those who are participating from a place of commitment, will be non-duplicable and will provide you with a new way to see the operation and expansion of your business going forward that will be extraordinary for you and those that experience you.

What you need<br />
to know.

If the Edge Experience calls to You.

If you’ve read the details above and the Edge Experience calls to you, we invite you to move to action and be among the first to register given the intentionally created intimate environment and limited access.



Our intention is not to simply fill the room with anyone who can make the investment; we are committed to ONLY having committed people present in the room.  If you have read the registration page carefully and are inspired to be present and see yourself as a committed participant, click the registration button below and it will take you to our secure payment page.

If the Edge Experience calls to You.

If you have read the registration page and you have questions before you register, please contact us and a Third Layer team member or instructor will contact you.

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  • We will never sell or share your information


Marc Manieri

Marc Manieri

Marc is Principle and Senior Performance Coach at Ontocore, a global performance and executive coaching firm.  He is known for his extraordinary listening and language mastery that has his clients experience him as a committed and trusted ally. Marc’s coaching has been focused around working with some of the most accomplished and successful salespeople and leaders and their teams.  Specifically, Marc has personally coached and/or trained dozens of Scotsman Guide listed producers, many in the top 50.


Prior to founding his successful individual coaching practice he joined and led a start up sales training and coaching company and grew the business 20-fold over a five year period. Since exiting that business, Marc has been a self-employed coach, supporting his clients achieve remarkable results that they never thought possible. Some of these results include: more than doubling top line revenue; acquiring industry-best human resources; creating inspiring cultures that dramatically increase team member retention; teaching language and communication mastery; saving marriages.


A committed, life-long learner, Marc has worked with some of the world’s most recognized and sought after coaches, and has engaged countless personal and professional development resources.  He spends his time with his amazing wife Kristen and two daughters.  When not at home in Orlando, Marc and family are travelling the world together.

Jason Knee

Jason Knee

Jason is one of the Nation’s top mortgage lenders.  As a veteran in the mortgage space with over 15 years of origination experience, he has grown his individual business to consistently fund 300+ transactions with volume in excess of $150M.


Success in the mortgage industry can come in many ways.  Jason has had most of it building his own business with a focus on sustainable growth.  His quest has led to the creation of true alignment with business professionals that match his passion and desire to serve others.  Paramount to Jason’s success is his authenticity and leadership; he inspires others by never compromising who he is.  Driven by a fierce competitiveness,  he seeks to win each day and have those around him do the same.  To know him would have one experience the extraordinary balance between his extreme drive and genuine care for all in his world.


The mortgage business has given Jason a platform to elevate those around him, inspire others, and teach a new way of growing your business.  Opportunities exist everywhere, and Jason’s awareness has him find them often.  Outside of his work, Jason, his wife, and two daughters are always goofing around in the Philadelphia area.